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We service fitness equipment in a variety of industries

Fitness Machine Technicians is a leader in equipment repair and we service equipment in a lot of industries. We’re the only national provider that offers both fitness equipment repair and preventive maintenance services to residential and commercial customers.

Our vision is to be the largest provider of service, repair, and preventive maintenance for all types of residential and commercial fitness equipment. We offer a free equipment assessment and quote to commercial customers, and with a service agreement, customers can reap the benefits of better pricing and priority service.

Industries We Serve

The customers that Fitness Machine Technicians serve can be found across many industries: basically, anywhere there is fitness equipment. Our customers, both commercial and residential, include those from the hotel, apartment/condominium, education, corporate, health club, and gym industries.


It’s become increasingly common in the hospitality industry to have a gym on the property. Property managers know that guests expect hotels with fitness facilities to provide a quality gym experience during their stay; when hotel fitness equipment machines are out of order, it can reflect poorly on your establishment. Let us help you keep your guests happy.
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Apartments and Condos

One of the top amenities apartment and condo buildings can provide for current and prospective tenants is a clean and functional fitness center. Property managers can benefit their tenants by providing regular preventive maintenance while extending the life of your fitness equipment.
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Schools, Colleges, and Universities

With schools competing for students daily, having a functional fitness center is a must to attract prospective students who take exercise seriously or participate in athletic programs. The last thing you want is a room full of “Out of Order” signs when students want to work out or a team is ready to train for a big sporting event.

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Health Clubs, Gyms, and Physical Therapy Centers

If you want to stand out in the competitive health club and gym scene, you’ll need your equipment to perform at its best. Run-down equipment poses many challenges, including safety issues and declines in memberships. We work with fitness equipment facilities of all kinds to ensure any machine issues are kept to a minimum.
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Corporate Fitness
Centers and Government Organizations

More companies are investing in exercise equipment as an incentive to draw in new employees and keep existing employees healthy. With insurance costs through the roof, it’s important to keep your equipment healthy too. We can help keep downed equipment signs off your machines and avoid negative connotations becoming a reflection of your corporate culture.

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Private Residences

Since the onset of the pandemic, more residential customers are choosing to keep fitness equipment in their own homes. We work with all types of at-home exercise equipment and can assist with various services to keep your machines up and running.

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