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Kim Teague
July 2020

Fitness Machine Technicians scheduled quickly to help me get my treadmill fixed. Jire was very knowledgable and diagnosed my issue right away. Jire has several certifications and years of experience. He got my treadmill going in no time! You can call or email and Fitness Machine Technicians will respond VERY quickly. I highly recommend Fitness Machine Technicians.

Bill Bryant
July 2020

Ì have used 3 Fitness Tech companies in Atlanta area. What a great experience we had with this company and their very knowledgeable Technician. I am not an engineer type at all. Was given unsatisfactory service from a competitor. This service man solved more than one problem.
I have other exercise machines and am getting their ideas on fixing… rejuvenating “old paid” for equipment.

Nancy S.
June 2020

We purchased a NordicTrack treadmill from Dick’s, and rather than wait for it to be delivered and set up by one of their service providers (-which can take over 2 weeks-), we picked up the treadmill in our pick-up truck and had your fantastic specialist, Robert, put it together. I feel extremely lucky to have had your well mannered, kind, & competent representative in our home to set it up. I had zero worries as I would have with a young summertime employee who doesn’t do this year round. Robert, is both experienced and knowledgeable. (I felt like he should be teaching classes at MIT!) Thank you for hiring sweet people I’m not afraid to have in my home!!