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Tyler Lorditch

Fitness & Amenities Director

Applecross Country Club

We have been using the FMT team at Applecross Country Club for over 10 years and they have always provided excellent service. There have been only a few occasions during the 10 years where we had to close down a machine for an extended period of time and I would have to contribute that to their fast service and beneficial preventative maintenance option. I would highly recommend Don/Pat and their team to any fitness facility in the area.

Javier O.
October 2020

Fitness Equipment has a lot of moving parts and is usually a big purchase. So once my elliptical arrived on my doorstep, I had a decision to make. Attempt to build this very heavy and expensive piece of equipment by myself and hope that I didn’t mess up and hope I was even was able to finish assembling it or leave the stress and hassle out of it by choosing an alternative. I decided to leave the assembling to these professionals over at Fitness Machine Technicians in Louisville. After seeing how many parts were in this giant box, and after realizing how heavy this equipment was, I have no regrets in hiring Fitness Machine Technicians. While one of their professionals did the assembling, I did have a team of two people come to my house to carry all the heavy parts up to my gym room on the second floor of my home. That alone was a huge help. I could tell the professional assembler was very experienced in assembling this piece of equipment. He knew all the equipment piece names and effortlessly went to work assembling the masterpiece of my home gym. It definitely would have taken me an entire day of frustration to assemble what this professional did in less than 2 hours from unboxing to telling us it was complete. It was just amazing seeing all those parts assembled to create this beautiful piece of equipment. Again, no regrets in hiring Fitness Machine Technicians. I would definitely hire them again for any future service needed on any machine or for any future assembling. I’ve raved about them on my social media! Fitness Machine Technicians, thank you SO much for your professionalism, quick response, and amazing work.

Kevin S.
September 2020

Chad was extremely helpful in getting a new motor ordered for my treadmill. He was able to secure the replacement motor under warranty and took care of all the ordering, saving me from being on hold trying to speak to a representative at the treadmill company. Thanks Chad!