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Fitness Machine Technicians has the experience, knowledge, and confidence to proudly service a wide variety of equipment. Our technicians are corporately trained to service an array of brands and strive for 100% customer satisfaction.

Our mission is to keep your equipment fit so you can stay fit. We provide a diverse range of expert services across many industries, brands, and equipment types. Let us handle your machine repairs and maintenance so you can enjoy the peace of mind that your equipment is running at its best.

Below are some frequently asked questions about Fitness Machine Technicians, our services, and more. If you have a question, be sure to see if it’s on this page to find out more. If your question is not addressed on this page, please feel free to contact us, and we’ll make sure you have all the answers you need.

Fitness Machine Technicians is authorized to service and sell parts from the industry’s major manufacturers – more than 40 brand names – including, but not limited to Life Fitness, CORE, Technogym, Freemotion, Matrix, TRUE, Johnson Health Tech, and many more.

Our technicians are trained and authorized to service any piece of exercise equipment made by that specific manufacturer. Training usually occurs every few years.

Yes, Fitness Machine Technicians offers preventive maintenance service contracts on a monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly basis. Clients who have a service contract with us qualify for discounted labor rates for emergency calls and benefit from a response time within 24 to 48 hours. Service contracts help ensure that your fitness equipment remains in top condition so you can also potentially extend its life for several years.

No, you don’t have to purchase a preventive maintenance contract with us. However, you will get priority service and better pricing, and your machines will last longer if they are well-maintained. If you would like repairs done on an as-needed basis, we’re happy to do that as well.

We are service providers for several of the major manufacturers. If we are not a certain manufacturer’s official service provider, we can usually still service it depending on the age of your warranty agreement. Always check to see if your equipment is still under warranty. If it is, please call the manufacturer first.

Your equipment warranty protects you in case something goes wrong, but your equipment still needs regular maintenance to keep it running smoothly (similar to your car). In addition, we may find a problem that can be fixed before it turns into a major issue.

Fitness Machine Technicians’ repairs are warrantied for 30 days from the date of the repair’s completion. This warranty applies to the specific diagnosis made on your equipment. Parts are warrantied for 90 days.

It can be very difficult to diagnose the exact problem you’re experiencing with your equipment over the telephone. While you might be able to provide a very good description, we’ll need to run the machine and hear the exact sounds it’s making to properly diagnose the issue. A part may also be necessary, and we cannot rely on a customer’s diagnosis to determine this.

Model and serial numbers are necessary when ordering replacement parts or requesting repairs. The model number is typically located on the front cover of your user’s manual and on the serial number sticker. Additionally, treadmills will also have this information on the power cord near the point of entry and on the interior side of the frame. When unsure, your user’s manual can provide more directions on where to find the serial number.

First, one of our technicians will perform a preliminary diagnosis. Depending on the job’s complexity, one or more of our trained technicians will then do the repair work at your site. Repairs usually involve cleaning, lubricating, adjusting, and sometimes replacing parts. Each job will be billed upon completion and settled by cash, credit card, or check. A job is considered complete when necessary parts are installed, and the unit is working properly.

It is not recommended for your cardio equipment to be exposed to excessive heat and humidity. These conditions can cause rust and ruin electronics.

Additionally, many manufacturers discourage using their equipment in hot temperatures and may not honor the machine’s warranty if they understand your equipment is not being used as directed. Be sure to check the paperwork that came with your machine to determine if this is the case.

We’re proud to provide services for many residential and commercial customers with a client list as long and varied as our repair and preventive maintenance services. 

Beyond private residences, we service equipment located in corporate fitness centers, health clubs, hotel gyms, apartment complexes, universities, physical rehabilitation clinics, and more. Our client list includes large national clients as well as smaller fitness boutiques.

We do not sell equipment. We are experts in the service and maintenance of all types of fitness equipment. We’ve been servicing the mid-Atlantic states for over two decades and have expanded to locations in 31 states across the country and Canada. Visit our Locations page to find the closest Fitness Machine Technicians near you.

When a machine is that old, it becomes very hard to find parts. We try our best, but we cannot always locate them. Additionally, replacing one part can sometimes cause another part to fail, which frequently happens with older machines. Please reach out to us to discuss the different options we can offer you based on your machine's age, make, and model.

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