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We Keep You Running


Our Mission

“Fitness Machine Technicians is committed to delivering the most reliable service/repair and preventive maintenance services. Prompt customer service and constant customer communication are the keys to our success. We strive for professional, friendly and accurate service at all times.”

-Don Powers



Fitness Machine Technicians specializes in the maintenance and repair of equipment for commercial and home exercise facilities.



Fitness Machine Technicians is committed to delivering the most reliable service/repair and preventive maintenance services. From initial diagnosis to completed repair, our turn-around time is second to none.

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Experience, knowledge, and responsibility are the cornerstones of our business. Our President and CEO has been in the fitness industry since 1984. He first owned and operated five exercise equipment retail stores that served both commercial and residential clients.

Community Involvement

Fitness Machine Technicians supports several local charities and events as part of our commitment to helping our local communities in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware & Maryland. Below are some of the organizations and events we have recently supported.

Connor McKenna Foundation
Wish Across America
Arcadia Golf Outing



Founder and President of Fitness Machine Technicians, Don Powers, has over thirty years of experience with exercise equipment sales and service. He founded Corfit, an exercise equipment sales and service company, in 1989. His success attracted Omni Fitness, who purchased Corfit in 1997. He then became Vice President for Omni Fitness’ Mid-Atlantic region.

In 2002 Don realized that there was a large void in the market for professional fitness equipment service and repair. He acquired Exertech, which was renamed Fitness Machine Technicians in 2014. In 2016 Don began franchising the company and by the end of 2019 had 41 franchises open nationwide.

Don’s expertise in fitness equipment sales and service, relationships with manufacturers and skills in operations and management has led Fitness Machine Technicians to be the rapidly growing national franchise system that it is today.


Shareholder and Vice President of Fitness Machine Technicians, Pat Cahill, has over 20 years of experience in customer service and exercise equipment repair and maintenance.

During his career, he has been certified for service by all the major exercise equipment manufacturers including Life Fitness, Technogym, Core, True and Johnson Health Tech to name a few. He is an expert service technician and provides hands on training and technical support to all of our technicians and franchisees. In addition, he manages parts ordering.

Pat’s knowledge and excellent communication skills make him a favorite of both technicians and customers.



Insurance costs are through the roof. Companies have invested large dollar amounts on exercise equipment in order to keep their employees healthy so it’s important to keep your equipment healthy too.

Health Clubs

You make your living selling memberships to your health club. We understand that having a piece of equipment down causes the gym owner/manager a bunch of headaches. We have worked with the largest clubs to keep their problems to a minimum.


Residents and guests pay a great deal for their space and expect great service. We understand that having a piece of equipment broken is disturbing to paying residents. Keep your residents and guests happy by keeping the equipment fine-tuned. A Preventive Maintenance Contract will help.


Schools are competing for students every day, and many students take their exercising seriously. While taking a tour, the last thing you want a prospective student to notice is a room full of “Out of Order” signs. We also take our work seriously to keep those “Out of Order” signs out of your school.


You bought a piece of equipment so you can workout at home. You get into a routine. Out of the blue, the equipment breaks and you cannot exercise anymore and your routine is broken. This does not make you happy at all. We understand your frustration and will do everything in our power to quickly get it up and running again.



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