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Fitness Equipment Repair & Maintenance in Winston-Salem, NC

You maintain your car and make doctors appointments; why not pay that same attention to your fitness equipment? In both commercial and residential gym settings, it is important to ensure your treadmills, ellipticals, weight benches and the like are in the best shape possible to guarantee your safety, health, and avoidance of costly repairs in the future. Fitness Machine Technicians offers preventative maintenance and cleaning packages to help keep your exercise equipment running like new.

Fitness Center Preventive Maintenance in Winston-Salem, NC

Our techs recently went out on a service visit to the Marriott in Winston-Salem, NC. Their fitness center had set up this planned maintenance visit as part of their equipment maintenance agreement. Our contract ensured the Winston-Salem Marriott would have our expert techs’ eyes on their fitness machines, to keep equipment in order and patrons safe.

Our techs completed the following preventive maintenance on all units:

  • Lubed Guide Rods
  • Lubed All Adjustment Points and Pins
  • Inspected Cables, Pulleys, Guide Rods and Hardware
  • Tested Treadmill Belt Tension and Alignment
  • Torqued Crank Arms and Pedals

We then proceeded to service an upright bike’s handlebar, repairing the broken lock on the adjustment function. We lubed the rails, adjusted the locking pin, torqued the hardware and tested the unit to confirm all repairs were completed properly.

We were glad to get our customer’s equipment back in the best shape possible and look forward to returning for future preventive maintenance visits.

Don’t Delay Cleaning & Maintenance for Your Equipment

Setting up a maintenance plan before the need for repairs are evident can save you time, money and injury. Improperly functioning fitness equipment can be dangerous for users, and our customers’ safety and health are of the utmost importance for the team at Fitness Machine Technicians. We work on a wide range of equipment, including weight racks and benches, as well as specialty strength equipment. Our services are not limited to repair and maintenance—we specialize in assembly, disassembly, diagnosis and more. Don’t hesitate to contact us via our request a tech online form so that we can assess your equipment ASAP!

Fitness Machine Technicians’ Greensboro & Durham location is run by Todd Armstrong and services many area towns, including Durham, Chapel Hill and Winston-Salem.

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