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Why You Need to Surface Clean Your Exercise Equipment

You work hard to keep your gym or exercise facility clean and welcoming to all — and your equipment should be no exception. Treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, and other fitness machines need consistent TLC to operate properly for as long as they can, and part of their routine maintenance should be surface cleaning. It’s not enough to simply do a visual once-over and wipe down when there’s a clear mess; not consistently cleaning can have detrimental impacts. Let’s take a look at why you need to surface clean your exercise equipment:

Prevent Rust and Discoloration

Over time, sweat can seriously take a toll on your exercise equipment surfaces. Sweat contains salt, which quickly attacks the metal frames and results in rust and discoloration. This may not be an overnight realization, which is all the more reason to keep up with a proper wipe-down schedule. Exercise equipment that looks worse for wear doesn’t only jeopardize its useful life; it gives off a negative impression to your facility’s visitors.

Keep Buttons Operable

Sweat, oil, and other substances that come into contact with gym equipment don’t only impact aesthetics; they can mess with the tech! Whether your equipment sports smooth, sleek buttons that are flush with the display and other controls or it’s got more tactile, raised rubber or plastic ones, dirty buttons are put on the fast track to getting clogged up or undergo moisture damage. When a runner can’t control the speed with ease because of a gummed-up or completely malfunctioning button, the treadmill is as good as defunct until you can get it repaired.

Ensure Hand-Grip Heart Rate Monitor Accuracy

Most fitness equipment comes with a heart monitor that helps users track their heart rates and level of activity. These monitors work through pulse sensors that interpret signals from the skin to display an accurate approximation of heart rate. Interference with this signal can cause the heart rate monitor to malfunction.

Without regular surface cleaning, oils and dirt on hands will build up and compromise your equipment’s ability to give accurate heart rate readings. Always make sure to clean these sensors as part of your cleaning routine to eradicate unnecessary dirt, oils, and bacteria.

Fitness Machine Technicians You Can Trust

Our technicians know just how important it is to surface clean your exercise equipment regularly. However, we also understand that wear-and-tear and damage may demand more than a cleaning. When you need a specialist to take a look at your equipment, turn to the team you can trust! For more information about how to maintain a ProForm treadmill or how often gym equipment should be serviced, contact us today.

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