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What’s Hiding in Your Cardio Equipment?

Whether you are a residential home or commercial facility, ignoring regular maintenance on your fitness equipment will eventually cause problems. No doubt about it.

When we service a home or commercial facility, the most common thing that we find in cardio equipment is dust. Dust puts a film on the unit and can cause problems while in use.

It’s important to have your unit vacuumed regularly under the motor cover. It will help with heat and allow electronics to open properly. While this should be performed by a professional, if you are going to do this yourself, you must remember that when servicing any piece of equipment that requires power, unplug the unit and wait at least five minutes before working on it.

What else have we found in cardio equipment?

  • Dust & dirt in cardio equipmentSmall toys
  • Credit cards
  • IDs
  • Headphones
  • Dead mice
  • Bugs, and . . .
  • An engagement ring!

Obviously, none of these items are good for proper functioning of your machine and some of them are items you probably have been looking for.

We recommend regular preventive maintenance on your equipment. Read more about our preventive maintenance services.

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