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What to Do if Your Gym Equipment Is Out of Warranty

Purchasing gym equipment that comes with a solid warranty is a great way to ensure everything lasts as long as possible. While they are a company’s way of granting you peace of mind, they have a shelf life — and if you find yourself on the other side of the expiration date, you may be wondering what your next steps are. Your gym’s equipment — just like appliances or vehicles — isn’t immune to needing repairs after a certain date. Here, we’ll explore what to do if your gym equipment is out of warranty and how our team of technicians can help.

Making the Most Out of Your Out-of-Warranty Gym Equipment

Gym equipment is designed to last longer than the manufacturer’s warranty period. With proper upkeep, older equipment can look and feel up-to-date, and members will be perpetually pleased with “like new” performance from their favorite gym equipment. If your gym equipment is out of warranty, here are some action items you can take:

  • Keep your gym equipment clean and tidy. If nothing else, keep all of your gym equipment clean and free of dust and perspiration. Remember to regularly vacuum units inside and out. For treadmills, keep the belts and decks clean, as dirt between the belt and deck cause both to wear out faster.
  • Give gym equipment a facelift. Stay on top of replacing worn keypads on consoles, foot treads on elliptical machines and steppers, as well as pedals and cracked seats on stationary bikes. Grips tend to get gummy on all different types of cardio equipment, although they are quick and inexpensive to replace. Repair or replace the upholstery on benches that are worse for wear.
  • Have safety inspections conducted. If your gym equipment is out of warranty, it’s crucial to be extra vigilant regarding safety. Check belts and cables on selectorized strength equipment, replacing both at the manufacturer’s suggested interval or at the first sign of wear. Inspect the condition of springs and chains on stationary bikes, steppers, and spinners.
  • Test electronics. Test battery life, switches, and electrical connection, replacing cords upon fraying and checking error codes and logs.

Following the above steps, facilities managers can save money while prolonging the life of their fitness equipment well beyond the warranty period. The best part? They don’t have to do it alone.

Let Fitness Machine Technicians Help With Your Out-of-Warranty Gym Equipment

Whether you know for a fact your gym equipment’s warranty ran out, or you are unsure who you can call on should you run into a problem, we’re here to help. Our experts can help you fully understand the ins and outs of your warranty and make informed recommendations on what you should do next. For more information about everything from spin bike maintenance to our comprehensive preventive maintenance plans, reach out to our specialists today!

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