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Fitness Equipment Repair & Maintenance in Westwood, KS

Planning events can be stressful in and of itself. Considering all that goes into setting up social occasions, including location and other accommodations, it may be overwhelming. Sometimes it’s just better to hire a party planner.

Setting up specialty exercise equipment can be similarly daunting and may be best left to the professionals, especially in commercial gym settings. Fitness Machine Technicians are experts in the field of all things exercise equipment—assembly, disassembly, repair, replacement, maintenance and more. Our techs are here to take the anxiety out of getting and keeping you on the move.

Spin Bike Maintenance in Westwood, KS

Our techs were thrilled to help prepare for a local cycling event to benefit cancer in Westwood, KS. Fitness Machine Technicians’ role was to unload a semi-truck full of spin bikes, set each up in its place, test the spin bikes, monitor the equipment’s performance during the event, and then reload each back onto the truck. This would have been a huge added stress for the event staff to consider while they handled the rest of the event’s festivities.

We ensured each of the approximately 240 participants were riding safely that day. Our crew was honored to help set up for an event with a worthy cause!

No Job is Too Big for Our Expert Techs

Unsure if Fitness Machine Technicians can help give you peace of mind with your needs? Our techs are always up for a challenge and look forward to helping you solve your exercise equipment problems. From installation of new weight racks to refurbishing aging treadmills, we have the know-how to complete any job you can throw our way. Start by heading over to our online request form. Once completed, our staff will be in touch to help you.

Fitness Machine Technicians’ Kansas City location is owned and operated by Brian Wertenberger and serves the greater Kansas City area, including the states of Kansas and Missouri and towns like Westwood and Wamego.

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