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Is Your School’s Gym Equipment Ready for Back-to School Season?

college students workingoutWhat if we told you that stepping up your exercise routine could lead to some serious gains — physically and mentally? With autumn around the corner, it’s the perfect time to consider jazzing up your fitness routine.

Villanova University Calls Fitness Machine Technicians

Recently, we received a call from the President of Villanova, requesting fitness maintenance repairs before the school session began. Not only is this university committed to providing quality fitness equipment with regularly scheduled maintenance, they also care about the success of their students! New research suggests that exercise on campus and academic success go hand and hand, which is why you’ll see us on campus maintaining Villanova’s basketball and recreational centers.

Students Who Exercise May Get Better Grades

Purdue University recently found students who visit the university gym at least once a week are more likely to earn a higher grade point average. Research indicates that students who are involved in their well-being and fitness tend to have better organizational skills, which is why more universities are investing in improving their recreational centers. Engaging students by updating fitness centers can benefit the health and academic environment at your university.

School Gym Equipment Repair & Maintenance

High traffic areas, like university gyms and athletic rooms are our specialty. Equipment housed in fitness areas tend to see a lot of wear and tear because often this machinery is used frequently. In order to combat this issue, rely on a trusted team of experts to repair and maintain the health of your establishments exercise machinery. Our trained technicians are close by to consult and service your units quickly and on a routine basis, so that you or your business can live hassle-free.

Need help with an old piece of machinery or looking to move your gym equipment to another location? Contact us to learn more about how we can help!

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