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Team Spotlight: Sammie Coates

Sammie CoatesThis year Fitness Machine Technicians Palm Beach/Broward County welcomed an exciting and unexpected new member to their team: NFL player Sammie Coates! Sammie played in the NFL for 4 years as a wide receiver for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns and Houston Texans. Now he can add Fitness Machine Technicians sales rep and service technician to his resume.

Sammie started working at Fitness Machine Technicians when COVID-19 restrictions were first in effect. At the time he was playing in the XFL for the Houston Roughnecks, but the league unfortunately had to suspend operations. He left Houston and moved to the Palm Beach area where he started looking for part-time work that would keep him busy and get him out of the house. As an essential business, Fitness Machine Technicians’ Palm Beach/Broward County location was still up and running. Of course, when Sammie reached out, owners Helayne Klier-Konugkis and Ted Konugkis couldn’t refuse!

Sammie primarily works on the sales side of things, but also helps out with technician work occasionally. He is a self-described “people person” and really enjoys meeting with gym owners and facility managers to get them on board with preventive maintenance plans. The social aspect of the job is a perfect fit for him.

“I’m an outgoing person,” says Sammie. “I really like talking to people, going to different gyms, people’s houses, local businesses and helping them out with their equipment.”

He also has plenty of experience training with many different types of fitness equipment. “You learn a lot about the different types of equipment and what their functions are when you use them all the time,” he says. From the age of 4, sports have always been a part of Sammie’s life. He’s always played some type of sport—be it football, baseball or basketball—and he can’t imagine what life would be like without them.

From NFL Player to Sales Rep & Service Technician

Sammie Coates at workWhen asked about the change in pace from playing in the NFL to working at Fitness Machine Technicians, Sammie says he’s enjoying the more laid-back nature of his job now. He likes that there’s less pressure and that he can give his body a break from the intense training required to be a professional athlete. “It’s not as serious compared to playing football where you spend a lot of time constantly focusing on staying fit,” he says.

Another big difference is that he now travels less and is able to spend more time with his wife and 3-year-old son. He can also dedicate more time to other things he loves, including coaching high school football and relaxing with some red wine every now and then. Though he says that even in his free time, he still “works out like crazy.”

Although he doesn’t yet know where the future will take him, Sammie is happy to work for a growing company that is understanding of his lifestyle and appreciates his hard work. We couldn’t be happier to have him as part of the Fitness Machine Technicians team!

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