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Team Spotlight: Bianca Urquia

BiancaFitness Machine Technicians Baltimore & Washington, DC have been busy repairing and maintaining equipment since their opening back in August 2019. However, in recent months their increase in residential customers has been making their schedules busier than ever. While owners Rick and Lisa Maffezzoli agree this is a great problem to have, they decided it was time to hire a Customer Service Associate to help them out and make their schedules a bit more manageable.

That’s how their newest team member Bianca Urquia came to work for our Baltimore and Washington, DC location in May 2021. She came across the position on Indeed and thought it sounded like a great fit for what she was looking for. She had been wanting to make a change after spending the past 8 years in the healthcare field where she worked in billing and coding for orthopedic and sports medicine. Although she learned a lot during that time, she was ready for something new. As a new company that has grown so much since its inception and only continues to grow, Fitness Machine Technicians sounded like a refreshing change of pace and a great place to start something new.

Bianca’s role as Customer Service Associate includes scheduling appointments, answering the phone, keeping everything customer-related organized, and helping us deliver on our promise of providing superior customer service.

Fun Facts About Bianca

Bianca is new to the Baltimore area but has been living in Maryland for the past 4 years. Prior to that, she lived in her hometown area of Houston, TX. In addition to her position with Fitness Machine Technicians, she is also a student working towards a degree in Business Administration.

When she’s not working, in school, or studying, Bianca loves to go hiking in her free time—sometimes for more than 6 hours in one day! Despite being an avid hiker and outdoor enthusiast, she jokes that she’s also a bit of a homebody who enjoys listening to Audible and working on DIY decor and furniture projects that she took up as hobbies during the COVID-19 lockdown.

We’re happy to have Bianca on board and look forward to seeing her grow in her role with the company!

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