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Fitness Equipment Repair & Maintenance in Southlake, TX

precor treadmill engineStaying on top of a maintenance routine for your fitness equipment may not seem needed, but it can save you from a large repair bill and keep your equipment up to industry standards.

Following a fitness machine maintenance routine is essential if you want to keep your machine in the best shape. You can reach out to Fitness Machine Technicians Dallas and expect top-rated service.

Treadmill Repair & Maintenance in Southlake, TX

Recently, we received a call to tune up and clean a Precor treadmill, in Southlake, TX. This treadmill had not gotten a lot of attention and TLC in recent years, but thankfully we were able to clean and tune-up this incredible machine.

When equipment is not properly cared for and looked after, it tends to overheat and corrode the components inside. You can see some examples of the damage in the pictures below:

Treadmill Assistance is Just One Call Away

Fitness Machine Technicians specializes in equipment routine maintenance, preventive maintenance, diagnosis, repair, assembly, disassembly, and more. All services can accommodate commercial and residential clients. We prioritize our customers’ safety and satisfaction. If you want to establish a maintenance plan or are in need of a repair, contact us through our request a tech form online!

Fitness Machine Technicians Dallas is run by Drew Martin and services the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, including Southlake, Frisco, Plano, Arlington, Keller, Fort Worth, McKinney, and Prosper.

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