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Cable machines are flexible pieces of equipment that can be found in many gyms across the country. These versatile and functional trainers are available in all shapes and sizes, making issues complex to diagnose and repair. Fitness Machine Technicians has the knowledge and experience to understand the complexities of cable machine maintenance and can provide the expert repairs and services your equipment needs.

As leaders in the fitness equipment repair and maintenance industry, Fitness Machine Technicians offers expert home gym cable replacement and repair services as well as preventive maintenance service agreements. Our dedicated technicians bring unrivaled expertise and unbeatable service quality to extend the lifespan of your equipment so you can avoid the financial strain of extensive future repairs.

From the initial diagnosis to the final repair, you can rely on our unmatched know-how, expansive experience, and fast turnaround times to ensure your cable machine repair service is not just complete but completed to perfection.


At Fitness Machine Technicians, we're not just about fixing exercise equipment – we're all about elevating your fitness experience. Our skilled technicians are committed to providing top-notch repairs and service, and we go the extra mile every step of the way, from the very first diagnosis to the moment when your cable machine is back in action. You can trust our team to bring a wealth of knowledge, expertise, and second-to-none turnaround time to the table, ensuring your repair job, gym cable replacement, or preventive maintenance service is handled professionally. The secret to avoiding frustrating downtimes and keeping your exercise equipment in tip-top shape is to follow a proactive cable machine maintenance plan. This is the key to extending the longevity of your fitness gear so you can continue to enjoy uninterrupted workouts.
We recommend the following maintenance plans to avoid extensive cable machine repairs:


  • Clean the inside of the drum to remove the build-up that can keep your drain cable from moving and storing properly.
  • Pull the plug on the drum to release any water that has built up from thorough cleaning.
  • Lubricate the power feed handle on your machine to avoid putting unnecessary pressure and friction on your drain cable.
  • Check all of the electrical components involved to ensure that you have a properly functioning GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) cord, that all electrical components are connected correctly, and that there are no tears in the power cord.
  • Make sure the unit functions smoothly.
  • Check the display for proper function.
  • Ensure all of the control buttons are working properly.


  • Clean the drain cable to remove any build-up that has accumulated over continued use with your sewer machine.
  • Lubricate the drain cable to prevent rust from forming and prevent clogs.
  • Monitor for wear during use by watching the spin of the drain cable.
  • Make sure nothing is squeaky.
  • Check all screws and bolts to ensure they are tight.
  • Check the power cord for flat spots or breaks.


  • Replace the cable clamp and anchor cable to ensure your machine works properly during drain cleaning.
  • Clean the drain cable retriever to get rid of any build-up and avoid putting any unnecessary wear and tear on your cable and other parts of your drain cleaning tools.
  • Replace weak cables as often as necessary to keep your drain cable machine in good working order.
  • Check all of the bolts at any pivot points.
  • Clean and lubricate the pivot points.
  • Clean and polish the ramps.
  • Check the unit for proper program functions.


  • Perform all of the above or request a tech to provide preventive maintenance services.

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