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Fitness Equipment Repair & Maintenance in Rochester Hills, MI

Dirty and dusty treadmillSometimes we use our exercise equipment so much it gets worn down with wear and tear. However, this doesn’t mean it’s time for a new machine—a tune up may be all you need! Our techs at Fitness Machine Technicians can help your gear continue to perform at its full potential with routine maintenance checks and cleanings.

Treadmill Tune Up in Rochester Hills

A customer from Rochester Hills was using her home treadmill to train for the Detroit Marathon so much that it was in desperate need of a tune up from her dedicated use.

When we arrived, we noticed she had her machine sitting on carpet with an extra piece of carpet on top for added support. When we opened the treadmill to take a look at the motor, we found excessive dust and debris everywhere (as you can see from the top photo). We also suspected the extra carpet fibers may have been contributing to the debris as well. All that buildup was causing the motor to function at a much lower capacity than was ideal.

Cleaned and vacuumed treadmill

To get it back into peak performance, we removed the extra carpet, raised the deck platform and stabilized the machine. We also thoroughly vacuumed and cleaned the treadmill’s interior surrounding the motor.

In no time, our customer’s treadmill was back up and running, allowing her to continue training for the upcoming fall marathon. She was very pleased with our service!

Does Your Fitness Equipment Need to Be Serviced?

Whether you need a repair, cleaning or preventative maintenance check, we have you covered! We service treadmills, exercise bikes, ellipticals, strength equipment and more. Request a tech online to get your workout gear in like-new condition again.

Fitness Machine Technicians’ Detroit location is run by Julie and Scott Jenney and services Detroit and other neighboring towns like Rochester Hills, Auburn Hills, Farmington Hills, TroyPlymouth and Royal Oak.

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