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Ahryn Tolley
September 2020

I ordered a treadmill and wanted someone professional to assemble it. Called FTM and they sent out two guys to do the job. I am so happy I had this done. They were professional, clean, and timely. About an hour later I was on my treadmill. I would definitely recommend them

Michael Marks
September 2020

Great service, great company. If you need service for your fitness equipment, nobody is better.

Amy Dolph
September 2020

I sent FMT a message about my issue with my treadmill and they got back to me within a day. They even helped over the phone since they determined it was an issue I could fix on my own (something I asked them to do in my original message). Even just advice helps a heckuva lot when it’s coming from people who know what they’re doing instead of just a generalized youtube video. I will definitely come back if other issues present themselves