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Dave Kaus
January 2020

I was very fortunate to find Jennifer and Fitness Machine Technicians last year when I first needed service for my 1995 treadmill. Calvin was sent in response to my call and couldn’t have been more pleasant, efficient, and persistent in tediously adjusting the track for nearly an hour until he was sure that everything was back in original running order.

And when the treadmill stopped cooperating months later again, Jennifer was able to send Calvin and partner out the next morning, wherein they very quickly determined that the motor had died and needed replacement, since neither motor repair nor replacement was feasible or available for a 1995 vintage treadmill. Plus the manufacturer of which was no longer in business.

So I’m now shopping for a replacement, treadmill, but with the assurance and peace of mind that FMT will be there for me to help remove the current machine from the basement and assemble the new one in its place.

This is a great company and personnel to deal with thanks to their honest and very competent service and willingness to go the extra mile for its customers.

Kevin McHugh
September 2019

Exceptional in every way. We have 20 year old Star Trac commercial treadmill. It’s a workhorse. Needed belt replacement, new front roller. Our tech was Calvin. He was courteous, knowledgeable and reliable. The owner of the franchise Jennifer, communicated well. Returned phone calls promptly, expedited parts, etc. So rare to experience service quality at this level.

Graciela Emerson
September 2019

We sent an email and photos to Jennifer, asking for a repair quote. She took the time to investigate model and possible cost. Very honest answer, suggested to buy a new bike since the cost for sending a technician plus repair was not convenient money wise. I knew ahead of time the cost of a new bike so I truly appreciate her honesty, fast response and customer service. I will use them again if in the future I need a repair.

Beth Maccarone
July 2019

Jennifer and Daryl were fantastic! Great customer service and response. I would highly recommend them to anyone!

Erich Kerstetter
July 2019

Had a lot of issues with service provided by the maker of our treadmill. Got a hold of Fitness Techs and it was a night and day difference! Prompt, courteous service at a reasonable price! Will definitely go with their service before anybody else in the future!

Bryan Wamsley
July 2019

When our treadmill suddenly stopped working, I did some searches to determine if I could solve the problem myself. After a couple attempts, it was clear I needed some more experienced and knowledgable help. Fitness Machine Technicians (FMT) responded to my inquiry promptly and was able to come out and examine our machine within two days. As it turned out, we needed an expensive replacement part; however, FMT helped me inquire about the warranty on our machine, and as it turned out, we were still covered. Couldn’t be more pleased with their prompt replies and friendly service.

Dan Deely
June 2019

If you have a treadmill that isn’t working don’t waste time or money trying to fix it yourself, get somebody who knows what they are doing. They are prompt, professional and fair. They’ll even tell you if it’s not worth spending the money to repair your machine, so let’s add honest to the list too!

Patrick Walker
June 2019

Exceeded expectations! Professional, efficient, very communicative. Very happy with the work done – both Jennifer and Calvin could not have been better to work with. Highly recommended!

Marité Ball
May 2019

Great service! Enables you to make full use of your fitness equipment at home. All year long, I can systematically do 10 minutes of stationary bike movements before bed to help with digestion and muscle relaxation. With that I always sleep perfectly!

Jandj Taylor
May 2019

Our Nordic Track treadmill (1 of 2), was serviced by Fitness Machine Technicians on May 16. Jennifer was of great help in setting up the appointment and selecting a technician. Calvin provided superb service and was very pleasant to work with. We look forward to their service in the future for regular maintenance and any trouble-shooting of our treadmills.

April 2019

I wish I’d called these guys first! Unfortunately, I called Sears first and they put in bad parts then told me they couldn’t order new ones. I was out $400 with them. The Fitness Machine Technician who came to my house took his time running diagnostics, was completely honest with me about the state of my machine and, although he offered to make the repairs, he helped me to decide it was better to throw the thing out rather than invest more money. His bill was $60. I can’t recommend them highly enough.

Jill Katzenberg
April 2019

I cannot imagine better service and attention to detail. When a machine malfunctions, a quick response is almost always desired; however, rarely delivered. The combination of proper correction and high concern for customer satisfaction makes choosing Fitness Machine Technicians a no-brainer.

Heidi Sathre
April 2019

Jennifer was amazing to work with! She sent out a technician who advised us of the issue, she ordered parts and everything was in a timely and professional manner.

Suzanne Beatrice
April 2019

You will not find better service from another vendor. FMT is top notch. Does what they say they will do in a timely and efficient manner, provides high level of value for the price. Service technician was friendly and knowledgeable. Would hire them again.

Calvin Shaw
April 2019

Fitness Machine Technicians is a great place to work for. Jennifer is a wonderful person and a great leader. Fitness Machine Technicians will grow and continue growing. Keep up the good work Jennifer.

Vaibhav Patel
April 2019

One of the better vendors I have came across. Very professional, timely and personal. Thanks Jennifer, looking forward to work with you a lot more.

Dirty South
April 2019

We were very pleased with the quick response to a request to relocate an elliptical to a new residence. They have reasonable prices and we think the elliptical was reassembled in better condition than before it was moved. Nordictrack, the manufacturer, never contacted us even though we paid in advance to have them disassemble and relocate the equipment originally.