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New York City

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New York City

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Lainia B.
June 2019

FANTASTIC experience with Fitness Machine Technicians in Bergen County! We needed a tech to service our treadmill which was rattling and needed a general tune-up. Colm was very accommodating and was able to schedule us by working around my schedule. Our tech, Gary, was excellent – professional, friendly, punctual and thorough. As requested, he called when he was about 20 minutes away. He introduced himself, greeted my dog and kids and went right to work. Gary was able to figure out the rattling in about 2 seconds and after that was addressed, he did a full check to make sure everything else was working properly and then did a deep cleaning around the motor and frame as well as lubrication. Treadmill is now working properly and gleaming! Thanks very much, Fitness Machine Technicians!

Gabrielle Cione
June 2019

How refreshing to know that Fitness Machine Technicians exists! Expertise and safety are at the heart of this company. Their professionalism is unmatched! Do not hesitate to contact them for your work— they are best in the field, hands down!!

Jun Song
May 2019

The NYC location is owned by the most reliable person in the business!