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Should I Repair My Fitness Equipment or Buy New?

In this highly competitive market, keeping your gym or fitness facility in top shape is essential to retaining customers. Whether you manage a hotel, independent gym or university fitness facility, having gym equipment in good working order keeps clients coming back and attracts new ones.

A constant frustration for gym goers is out-of-order equipment. A favorite machine may be broken or they need to wait their turn because so many are down. With so many choices for gyms these days, customers don’t need to return to a place that can’t meet their needs. If your equipment is older and not under warranty, that leaves you faced with whether to fix the fitness machine or replace it with something new.

What factors should you consider when repairing vs. replacing?

Repair or buy new fitness equipment?

  • Part availability

    – if you are having a difficult time finding parts for the equipment, you should replace the unit.

    • Weight units last a very long time. Always repair when parts are available. Cables and upholstery can easily be replaced.
  • Mechanical vs. electronic

    – if the issue is mechanical, it usually can be repaired. If the issue is electronic, get a quote and then decide what to do.

  • Dollar amount of the repair

    – if the total cost of the repair outweighs the current value of the equipment, replace it.

  • Safety

    – if for any reason the machine consistently seems unstable or unsafe, replace the unit.

Commercial units typically last 6-8 years with regular maintenance. Our goal is to extend the life of your equipment. If you are thinking that you want something new however, reach out to your local manufacturer’s representative for a quote.

If you would like us to come to your facility for a free evaluation, please visit our locations page to contact your local representative.

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