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Get Your Commercial Exercise Facility Ready to Re-Open

As states begin to ease COVID-19 restrictions and allow gyms to re-open, now is the time to get a firm handle on your exercise facility and determine what is needed to re-open quickly and safely.

Customers expect changes in spacial layouts, policies and procedures and they certainly won’t want to deal with broken machines, especially when there will be fewer due to increased spacing requirements. Your equipment will need to function at its best, and regular maintenance will be key.

Make sure that you do the following:

  1. Have a detailed inventory of all of your equipment including the type of machine, make, model and serial number. You want to have this information so that you can:
    • Make it easy for a technician to identify the machine that needs repair and order the correct parts
    • Keep track of each machine’s warranty status
    • Know the age of your equipment and its durability for new equipment purchases
  2. Before you re-open, carry out a thorough, visual inspection of your cables, upholstery and plastic parts. Take note and alert your local Fitness Machine Technicians contact so  parts can be ordered and ready to install as soon as restrictions have been lifted.  Or if  possible, we can come in prior to the re-opening and complete the repairs before the customers return.
  3. If your gym is not re-opening soon, run your cardio equipment daily or every other day. Bikes, ellipticals, rowers and steppers are all battery operated. If they aren’t being used, the batteries will die. Be sure to make a note of the machines that need new batteries. We can come in and replace them before you open.
    • Run pieces for 5 to 10 minutes. This allows the motors to spin, lubricates the treadmill belts and decks and keeps things moving freely.
  4. Always keep your machines clean and dusted. Dust is not your friend and causes functionality problems. Clean the lower surface of the equipment with soap and water or disinfectant wipes. Clean the electronic console with a dry cloth. Never spray cleaner directly on the console. Only spray on the cloth and then wipe.
  5. Make a plan for how you will change your facility to adhere to social distancing standards.  How will you re-arrange your machines for distancing and safety? What will you do about limiting exercise classes? What are your new protocols for cleaning premises and equipment? Here is a great article by IHRSA about 18 things you should consider for your reopening.

We are here to help! Call today to get on our calendar for your next maintenance visit, so that you will be ready to re-open. Let us know about any equipment issues, parts you require or machine safety concerns.

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