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Fitness Machine Technicians
Raleigh/Fayetteville, NC

Fitness Machine Technicians services Raleigh, Fayetteville, and surrounding North Carolina cities, including Clayton, and Cary.

Equipment Repair

For facilities or individuals who do not require a service contract, we offer basic and Preventive services. A preliminary diagnosis will be performed over the phone, and the repair will be completed at your site. Complete our online Service Request Form to arrange an appointment.

Service Request Form

Preventive Maintenance

We offer service contracts on a monthly, bimonthly and quarterly basis. A preventive maintenance program helps to keep your equipment in top condition, decrease downtime, and prevent major equipment failures. Cleaning, lubricating and making adjustments as well as replacing worn parts are all necessary to ensure the safety and reliability of your equipment.

Gym Maintenance & Repair


You can complete our online Parts Request Form if you know what replacement part you need to order. We stock most parts for major manufacturers and can ship them anywhere in the United States. In-stock parts will be shipped within two to three days of the order date.

Parts Request Form

Assembly & Disassembly

Bring in a team of qualified fitness equipment technicians to make the process easy. We offer commercial and residential assembly and disassembly services when you need to remove or setup your fitness units.


Raleigh/Fayetteville's Fitness Machine & Treadmill Repair Specialists

Whether you are in need of immediate fitness equipment repair or want to set up regular equipment service, we can help!

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Meet Paul Dionne

In 2018 Paul became the owner of Fitness Machine Technicians of Raleigh to provide service to Wake County, out to Smithfield, down to Fayetteville, and everywhere in between. He is passionate about fitness and as a mechanical engineer, Paul has always enjoyed solving problems and taking things apart to repair them. He is looking forward to troubleshooting your fitness machine problems to get you back up and running.

If you need immediate fitness equipment repair or are interested in ongoing maintenance plans, give Paul a call. We can send a tech to your home or business to inspect or repair any of your fitness equipment.

Read Reviews or Write Your Own

Click the icons to read reviews on some third-party sites. If you have hired us, we would greatly appreciate if you took the time to leave us a review! Take note that some of these websites require accounts to discourage false reviews.




May 2020

I wanted to have my treadmill fixed, especially with gyms currently closed and social distancing happening. After putting in my request through their website, I received a call within a few hours. Paul introduced himself and asked how he could help. I told him what symptoms my treadmill had, and Paul had a pretty good idea what it might be. He provided me with a guide on how to fix the issue from home, all free of charge. My treadmill is working again, thanks to Paul. He was kind enough to lend me his time over the phone and help me with my issue at no expensive, and I could not be more grateful. I would highly recommend Paul and his team to anybody in the area that may need fitness equipment repairs or work.

Jim R.
April 2020

Paul is as knowledgeable as it gets. He was able to diagnose a problem, sight unseen, for a high end used treadmill that I purchased. He directed me to the website that stocked the part I needed, even providing a link to the exact part. Paul also took the time to determine the reason that the part failed to begin with. All of this took place during our happy little pandemic aka the coronavirus. He was very responsive and professional. Without his assistance, I would have been left with nothing but a mound of useless plastic & metal. I cannot recommend him enough due to his competency, professionalism and integrity.

Cody Harmon
April 2020

I contacted Paul after purchasing a used (told it was “like new”) NordicTrack Elliptical for my wife and found out the resistance wasn’t working properly. Paul was very empathetic with the entire situation and assisted me over text to diagnose the issue on my own. After communicating back and forth, Paul provided the part number I needed and where to purchase it from all without asking for any money. I am extremely grateful I didn’t have to waste any additional money throughout this mess of a situation and will utilize Paul’s services for any future needs.

Thanks again Paul!

Rick Hamrick
March 2020

Our Physiostep is working well now, and Paul gets the credit! He not only diagnosed the problem and ordered the part from the manufacturer, he also stayed after them when they were ridiculously unresponsive. Once he had the part, he shoehorned us into his schedule that afternoon. He is the only one I will call if we need maintenance in the future. Heartily recommended, 5 stars!

Rick Holcombe
February 2020

Paul answered all my questions promptly, communicated well re: parts ordering & scheduling. He arrived precisely when he said he would and did a great job getting my treadmill back in top condition. Installed a new belt, cleaned, lubed the belt and deck and tightened the drive belt – it’s as good as new now!

Clayton Murphy
December 2019

Paul promptly diagnosed and fixed the problem with my treadmill. He sent the circuit board off for repair and returned the following week to install it. He performed a maintenance check, including lubricating and centering the belt. He also repositioned the treadmill for me. His pricing was very reasonable. I highly recommend Paul and will use him again. He is someone that you can trust!

Shannon Cassell
December 2019

Paul was easy to schedule, arrived on time and had our machine back together in no time. He was tidy with his work and very nice to deal with. Would definitely recommend.

Brian Lynch
November 2019

Paul was prompt in calling back and always on time. He said the part would be in at a certain time and would be back to install it. He is man true to his word. He replaced the drive belt, cleaned under the hood, lubricated the running belt and we’re good to go. His pricing is also fair. I wouldn’t hesitate to use his services again.

Request a Technician

Our factory-trained and authorized technicians promise to keep your equipment fit so you can stay fit!

Fitness Machine Technicians is committed to delivering the most reliable service/repair and preventive maintenance services. From initial diagnosis to completed repair, our turn-around time is second to none.

We Service All Types of Fitness Equipment

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