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Fitness Equipment Repair & Maintenance in Princeton, NJ

Keeping your exercise equipment up and running can be harder than it seems. Many times a problem can sneak up on you and delay your fitness routine. This can be especially difficult for gym owners with machines that spontaneously stop working. That’s why Fitness Machine Technicians offer preventative maintenance services to catch problems before your equipment becomes out of order.

Spin Bike Preventative Maintenance in Princeton, NJ

A school near Princeton was getting ready for their squash team practice season and needed our help to make sure their spin bikes were all functioning properly. We gave their spin bikes a full preventative maintenance exam, making sure to inspect and test each and every machine thoroughly.

When we were done, the gym manager could breathe a sigh of relief knowing their bikes all passed inspection right in time for the busy season!

Gym Equipment Repair & Maintenance in Princeton, NJ

A corporate office in Princeton contacted us to perform maintenance on their exercise equipment, offered as an incentive to its employees. Nothing is worse than finding an empty machine in a full gym, only to realize it’s out of order! After completing maintenance checks on the equipment, we were able to diagnose and repair a stuck treadmill. Our technicians serviced everything to working order, ensuring that the company’s staff could continue to work out during breaks.

Get Your Fitness Equipment In Shape

Is your treadmill, spin bike, strength equipment or elliptical in need of a tune up? Our professional technicians repair and service a wide range of exercise equipment, for both residential and commercial clients. To get the process started, just fill out our request a tech form online.

Fitness Machine Technicians’ Central New Jersey location is run by David Musyimi and serves towns including Princeton, New Brunswick and Woodbridge.

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