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Fitness Equipment & Repair for Hotels

If you are a property manager in the hospitality industry, you know that guests expect a quality experience at your hotel. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance or your hotel’s reputation will be damaged. If your hotel’s gym equipment is out of order, it reflects poorly on your establishment and could lead to negative reviews online.

At Fitness Machine Technicians we provide ongoing preventive maintenance programs to keep your hotel’s fitness equipment in peak condition.

We Serve:

  • Regional & National Hotels
  • Motels
  • Resort Fitness Facilities

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How Is Your Hotel Fitness Equipment Performing?

Facility maintenance is important and regularly used fitness equipment requires constant service. Not only do fitness breakdowns frustrate your guests, but equipment malfunctions create safety issues.

Hiring a skilled fitness equipment professional to regularly inspect your equipment can save your hotel money on costly emergency repairs. Our trained technicians spot early signs of wear and tear, and replace worn parts before they become larger, more expensive and potentially dangerous problems.

How Often Should My Fitness Equipment be Inspected?

If your hotel’s fitness center is very busy, then your machines need to be serviced frequently. We will customize a preventive maintenance plan based on your desired level of service. We can visit monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or customize based on your needs.

Our technicians will test all parts, tighten bolts, clean and lubricate joints, remove dirt and dust from motors and much more! Preventive maintenance not only keeps your hotel’s fitness units in shape, but also keeps equipment safe and running longer.

Do You Manage Multiple Hotels Regionally or Across Multiple States?

We provide you with one point of contact and reduced service rates with our regional and national maintenance contracts.

Contact Todd Armstrong our Regional & National Account Manager, to discuss how we can help you reduce your number of vendors and streamline your maintenance costs.

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