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Fitness Equipment Repair in Schools & Universities

Schools are competing for students every day, and many students take exercise and fitness safety seriously. While taking a tour, the last thing you want a prospective student to notice is a room full of “Out of Order” signs. Even worse, faulty equipment causes a safety issue for your students.

We Serve:

  • College & Universities
  • High Schools
  • Technical Schools
  • Athletic Camp Facilities

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Associate Members of NIRSA

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We are proud to be Associate Members of NIRSA. This organization is dedicated to supporting college and university recreation and fitness in local, regional and global communities.

Is Your Equipment Running at its Best?

At Fitness Machine Technicians, we work seriously to keep your fitness equipment running efficiently and safely.

Fitness equipment involves many different parts. Do you have worn down cables, tired looking treadmill belts or missing bike pedal straps? These details can easily go unnoticed; however, all are common fitness equipment issues that can pose a threat.

Our technicians are trained to notice potential hazards and track your fitness machine’s performance.

How Often Should My Fitness Equipment be Inspected?

It isn’t uncommon for your school’s fitness equipment to see hours of activity each day. The more usage a fitness unit receives, the more likely it is to wear down.

When it comes to fitness inspection, regular maintenance matters. Not only does this save you money on expensive repairs, but routine checks keep your fitness units safe and in their prime for much longer. We will tailor your preventive maintenance plan to suit your schedule and desired frequency of visits.

Contact Fitness Machine Technicians Today

If you sign up for one of our preventive maintenance plans, our trained technicians will perform routine spot checks to ensure faulty systems avoid a breakdown!

At Fitness Machine Technicians, we have a guaranteed system that will keep your units safe and performing well. When we visit you for preventive maintenance, we undergo a series of important inspections that are designed to test each piece of equipment. We also maintain a digital health record of all your units to ensure they are running at their best.

To get started with school fitness & equipment repair, request a tech today.