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Fitness Equipment & Repair for Corporations

Corporate fitness centers are important to employees and encourage a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance. If your corporate fitness facility isn’t running optimally though, your employees will be frustrated and less productive. Constant signs on downed equipment indicate neglect which can be harmful to your corporate culture.

At Fitness Machine Technicians, we are invested in the upkeep of your fitness machinery, so your company never experiences a breakdown.

We Serve:

  • Office buildings
  • Corporate headquarters
  • Collaborative work spaces


How is Your Company’s Fitness Equipment Running?

Keeping your fitness equipment healthy is a great way to express appreciation to your staff. If your company’s treadmills and elliptical machines are prone to breakdowns, it is probably time to rethink your maintenance plan.

Hiring a skilled fitness equipment professional to regularly inspect your equipment can save your company money on costly emergency repairs. Our trained technicians spot early signs of wear and tear, and replace worn parts before they become larger, more expensive and potentially dangerous problems.

How Often Should My Fitness Equipment be Inspected?

If your company’s fitness center is very busy, then your machines need to be serviced frequently. We will create a preventive maintenance plan based on your desired level of service. We can visit monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or customize based on your needs.

Our technicians will test all parts, tighten bolts, clean and lubricate joints, remove dirt and dust from motors and much more! Preventive maintenance not only keeps your company’s fitness units in shape, but also keeps equipment safe and running longer.

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