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Gym Equipment Repair & Maintenance in Omaha, NE

Improper repairs and faulty DIY fixes on your exercise equipment can actually end up causing you more problems down the road. Parts may start to warp, bend or break if they are not installed or adjusted the way they are designed to. You’re better off calling our experienced techs at Fitness Machine Technicians to make sure your equipment is repaired and maintained properly and safely.

Our techs are professionally trained in repairs and preventive maintenance for both commercial and residential clients.

Fitness Center Equipment Reupholstery in Omaha, NE

We recently received an inquiry from a fitness center in Omaha that was in need of some upholstery work for an older Hoist preacher curl machine. After a few years, the machine’s padding started to wear out, but the machine itself was in great shape. Our technician Kyle was able to remove all padding and replace it with new ones to make the machine look and feel as good as new.

Kyle was excited to leave this gym with success!

Treadmill Repair in Omaha, NE

Treadmill maintenance in Omaha, NEAnother local Omaha fitness center had 16 treadmills they needed us to assess. Our techs went out and created a phased maintenance plan in order to keep the gym open and functional for its patrons while allowing enough time to properly repair and clean each machine.

In February, we began and completed phase one of the maintenance plan, which involved the necessary replacement of stride and drive belts (and some decks,) on five of the most heavily used treadmills. Our techs used all new replacement parts with name brands to match the equipment. In April, phase two was completed, with the maintenance and care of seven more machines. Phase three is scheduled for late summer/early fall. This schedule allows the fitness center to reduce the risk of mechanical failure while optimizing cash flow.

Treadmill Belt Repair in Omaha, NE

A residential customer in Omaha called us to fix their treadmill’s belt. When we arrived to take a look, it was obvious the edges were frayed and had become a huge safety hazard. We found this was happening due to the belt not being adjusted properly.

We replaced their belt with a brand new one and made sure to install it correctly to prevent the same thing from happening again. Now it’s running like new again!

Strength Machine Repair in Omaha, NE

This Omaha customer had a Hoist V1 leg machine that was sporting a broken cable. Without working cables, their equipment was sitting unused until they gave us a call.

This repair was a very straightforward one. We replaced the broken cable with a brand new one and adjusted the pulleys to make sure everything was safely in place. We also did a routine check of all the other components to ensure they were functioning properly. Our customer was very satisfied!

Get Your Equipment Back Up & Running

Whether you need a diagnosis, repair, maintenance check, or ongoing service contract, our technicians are up for the job. We fix and service a wide range of equipment including treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, strength equipment, and more. To begin, just fill out our request a tech form online and our team will be in touch.

Fitness Machine Technicians Omaha & Lincoln is run by Alex Pearson and services the Eastern Nebraska area, including Omaha, GretnaColumbus, Plattsmouth, and La Vista.

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