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NYC Technician Featured in Intenza Fitness Newsletter

gio nyc techIntenza Fitness, a global fitness company, featured one of our very own in their newsletter: Intenza Insider!

Here’s what they had to say to show how Gio (Giovanni) from Fitness Machine Technicians New York City really stands out.

“The Top Tech this issue is Gio from New York. Gio worked on an RBe2 recumbent bike that was having issues with the TV. A new console main board and all the HDMI wires were swapped, but the picture did not improve. Many techs tried to fix this bike before but were unsuccessful. What really helped Giovanni to get the TV picture to display clearly was not one just thing, it was a combination of a few things. This unit is used in a home and the setup is not very simple. The way He solved this issue is by being extra thorough when he checked all of the connections on the unit, and seeking to serve the client not just get the job done. The client was overjoyed to have the unit properly functioning after months of failing to live up to expectations. Congrats Giovanni!” 

Gio also provided the newsletter with a few tips for fitness technicians in the field.

Here’s what he says helped him acquire the right skills on the job:

  • Having schematics or diagrams of parts really helps with understanding how everything fits together.
  • A relevant background (like the automotive industry) goes a long way. Growing up using tools, even as a child, was invaluable to his long-term success in the field.
  • Using a quality volt-ohm meter and battery-operated power tools enabled him to tackle many different types of jobs.

For more from Gio, download the full Intenza Fitness Newsletter.

Fitness Equipment Repair & Maintenance in New York City

At Fitness Machine Technicians New York, we employ trained, industry professionals with experience repairing and maintaining a variety of fitness equipment from a wide range of manufacturers.

The Fitness Machine Technicians’ New York City location is run by Colm O’Mara and services all of New York City, including Manhattan.

In addition to New York City, Colm also services customers in North New Jersey.

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