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Fitness Equipment Repair & Maintenance in North Las Vegas, NV

We think about our own health a lot—are we eating the right things, getting enough sleep, or drinking enough water? How often do you truly think about the health of your exercise machine? Fitness Machine Technicians is here to take away the worry of your treadmill or elliptical becoming unusable. With a team of experts who are knowledgeable in a variety of products, we can get your machines in excellent condition in a jiff.

Treadmill Repair in North Las Vegas, NV

Treadmill maintenance in North Las Vegas, NVDuring a residential preventative service call to a customer in North Las Vegas, NV, this treadmill needed serious saving. After years of use without any maintenance, the walking belt had drifted off into the danger zone of colliding with the side of the deck (which would have caused the belt to stop dramatically.) This damage was hazardous and could have caused injury to the customer, as well as harm to the belt and motor. With Fitness Machine Technicians’ preventative services, all these issues could have been avoided.

A major take-away from this particular incident is that routine preventive maintenance, for both residential and commercial customers, can save a lot of energy. Even new equipment under warranty can be monitored and cleaned, as our techs can identify and resolve warranty issues at no cost to the customer.

Address Fitness Machine Issues Immediately

Like you see a doctor for a check-up, you should check in on your equipment. Even if you don’t foresee issues with your exercise essentials, there could be internal wear from time and use that might end up causing you expensive and extensive problems down the road. We’re here to prevent just that! Contact us at Fitness Machine Technicians to clean, maintain, assemble, disassemble, repair or diagnose your machine now. You can start easily by filling out our online request form, and someone will be in touch.

Fitness Machine Technicians’ Las Vegas location is run by Dave and Bernadette Phelps and services the greater Las Vegas area including North Las Vegas and Henderson.

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