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Most Common Gym Equipment Failures — and How to Prevent Them

You’ve outfitted your gym with equipment designed to promote health and fitness. Unfortunately, that noble goal can be interrupted for you and your site’s visitors when the equipment refuses to turn on, operates as if components are about to fly off any second, or even breaks down in the middle of someone’s workout. Our specialists are here to share the most common gym equipment failures, what you can do to prevent them, and how Fitness Machine Technicians can render these sorts of complications a thing of the past. 


The most common problem with treadmills is a result of too much belt deck friction, which can be thwarted by keeping a regular lubrication schedule. The components that fail from this include the walking belt, deck, drive belt, rollers, drive pulley, motor, and electronics. The second most prevalent issue is not keeping the treadmill clean, which can cause failure of the walking belt, deck, motors, rollers, and console electronics. Tackling these two issues dramatically increases the lifespan — and decreases the cost of ownership — of your treadmills.

Exercise Bikes

No matter how careful it’s being used, your exercise bike will inevitably run into some hiccups. An indoor exercise bike typically encounters two main problems:

  • Slipping off the belt: The belt holds all the pressure one puts on when using the bike, so there’s a chance it could slip off frequently. To remedy this, the belt will have to be tightened or replaced.
  • Squeaking noise: Rattling noises emanating from exercise bikes is commonplace. It may come from a worn-out belt or wheels, but it may also come from the pedal or motor being jammed due to mold or rust. Dismantling and cleaning the bike — lubricating the source of the noise — can ensure smooth functionality. This should be implemented into a weekly or monthly maintenance schedule for your exercise bikes.

Ellipticals and Stepper Machines

One of the most common reasons an elliptical or stepper machine isn’t working is because the drive belt is broken. Replacing the drive belt should be a regular part of maintenance. Another reason an elliptical may be broken is that the console is not working. Many who realize their console is broken never get around to having it fixed, as they believe they’ll have to replace the entire machine. However, it’s possible to have only the console replaced.

Don’t Put Up With Gym Equipment Failure — Contact Us Today!

If you’re at the point where you’re wondering how to fix a stationary bike or how to disassemble a treadmill, it’s time to partner with the pros. For more information about how our team can help you prevent the most common gym equipment failures, reach out to Fitness Machine Technicians today!

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