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Fitness Equipment Repair & Maintenance in Montibello, NC

When things go awry, some exercise enthusiasts could feel confident enough to attempt diagnosis and repair of their equipment. You may think a simple fix is possible, then encounter a whole different story when disassembling mechanisms. Leave modifications and new parts replacements to the expert techs at Fitness Machine Technicians, and you’ll never be disappointed! Our professionals save time, energy and extra cost possibly encountered during attempted DIY fixes, and you can rest assured that all new pieces are safe and meant for the machine you own.

Treadmill Repair in Montibello, NC

This Sole brand treadmill was giving our customer in Montibello a huge headache. For some reason, when they plugged it in and turned it on, the treadmill was causing their breaker to trip. On our diagnostic visit, Fitness Machine Technicians were able to determine a short in the transformer.

We recommended replacing the transformer and control board, which was most likely damaged due to the transformer short.  After replacing both parts, the treadmill is up and running safely. By upgrading these parts, we were able to prevent the owner from being forced to replace the whole machine, or wasting their time and money attempting DIY fixes.

Does Your Exercise Equipment Need Fixing or Updates?

We at Fitness Machine Technicians are here to assist with repairs and upgrades, be it a worn-out work bench or a frayed wire connection. We offer preventative maintenance and cleaning services to keep your machines running smoothly, in addition to assembly and disassembly services; we’ll get those equipment racks hung, or that elliptical packed to transport to your new apartment. Whatever your need to get and keep your workout gear in shape, fill out our request a tech form online so we can start helping ASAP.

Fitness Machine Technicians’ South Charlotte, NC location is run by Colin Winchester and Eric Wright, and services area towns like Montibello, Camron Wood, Foxcroft, PinevilleIndian TrailBallantyne and Olde Providence North.

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