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Princeton University

Since 2008, we’ve had an annual contract with ExerTech to perform preventive maintenance and do repairs on our inventory of more than 70 pieces of cardio equipment.  When students are on campus, our facility is open about 125 hours a week and the equipment is used heavily and aggressively so this is no small task.


I’ve investigated a number of other service companies and have found ExerTech to be extremely affordable.  Despite being about an hour away, ExerTech has been very responsive to our needs.  Pat Cahill has made most of the service calls to us and he’s highly personable and professional.  His recommendations are thoughtful and I’m convinced that he’s saved us untold dollars in figuring out effective ways to extend the life of our equipment.


Having been employed in the fitness industry at the collegiate level since 1983, I would recommend ExerTech without hesitation or reservation.


Matt Brzycki

Assistant Director of Campus Recreation, Fitness

Princeton University

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