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Fitness Equipment Repair & Maintenance in Marietta, GA

Do you own a commercial fitness center or maybe have your own basement weight room? Regardless, you are bound to require maintenance on equipment at some point. Fitness Machine Technicians works on a range of equipment, varying from weight benches to specialty cardio machines, and can handle some of the most intricate and technical repairs for which other repair companies may fall short. Whether you’re looking to prevent costly and complicated repairs down the line, or have immediate need to get a machine back up and running, our techs are here to help!

Fitness Center Maintenance in Marietta, GA

Our techs recently worked with a local university in Marietta, GA, performing repairs on their treadmills, ellipticals and weight equipment to keep their student fitness center in great working condition. We cleaned and tested each machine thoroughly, ensuring their students and faculty stay safe while working out on campus.

Strength Equipment Repair in Marietta, GA

On another job in Marietta, our apartment complex customer reached out to our team to address some issues with a lat pulldown machine and an elliptical. After diagnosis, we quickly ordered replacement parts: new cables for the lat pulldown machine and a new control board for the elliptical. Upon installation and testing, the machines are back up and running as they should be.

It was the pleasure of our techs to make sure the apartment complex’s residents could get back to using their favorite strength machines without much downtime.

All Your Fitness Equipment Needs Met in One Call

Assembly, disassembly, repair, replacement, and beyond—Fitness Machine Technicians has the answer. You may know what issues you need solved—a damaged treadmill belt or broken spin bike pedal—or could be clueless as to why power isn’t reaching your elliptical’s control panel. Regardless, our expert techs can get the equipment that keeps you on the move back in like-new condition. Whatever you need, we’re here to help. Just fill out our online request form and a Fitness Machine Technicians representative will reach out to solve your problems ASAP.

Fitness Machine Technicians’ Northwest, Northeast and South Atlanta locations are run by Robert Scott and serve towns including Marietta, Covington and Fairburn.

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