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Strength Equipment Repair & Maintenance in Marietta, GA

After time and use, your valuable exercise equipment may begin to slow or malfunction, but that is not necessarily a reason to look for costly replacement. Fitness Machine Technicians can help with cleaning and maintenance services, and offers diagnostic reports to provide a simple fix rather than send you to the store or internet for a whole machine replacement. Often, our techs are able to get your treadmill, spin bike or weight bench fully functioning like new with a few simple repairs. We’re sure to always use the highest-quality replacement parts to keep users safe and avoid costlier repairs down the line.

Strength Equipment Repair in Marietta, GA

Our apartment complex customer in Marietta, GA recently reached out to our team to address some issues with a lat pulldown machine and an elliptical. After diagnosis, we quickly ordered replacement parts: new cables for the lat pulldown machine and a new control board for the elliptical. Upon installation and testing, the machines are back up and running as they should be.

It was the pleasure of our techs to make sure the apartment complex’s residents could get back to using their favorite strength machines without much downtime.

Repair Exercise Equipment Before Searching For a Replacement

Whether the necessary repairs are for functionality or simply cosmetic purposes to make a treadmill, spin bike or weight bench more appealing and comfortable, Fitness Machine Technicians has a solution to offer. Our techs have the knowledge and dedication to solve a number of issues, including diagnosis, repair, replacement, assembly/disassembly, maintenance, cleaning and more. To begin the process, reach out with our request a tech form online and start getting your equipment in its best shape today.

Fitness Machine Technicians’ Northwest Atlanta location is owned by Robert Scott and services towns like Marietta.

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