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Fitness Equipment Repair & Maintenance in Las Vegas, NV

Exercise equipment’s number one purpose is to promote and increase better health. With that being said, malfunctioning machinery and broken parts can jeopardize user safety. Fitness Machine Technicians’ number one goal is to keep workouts as safe as possible, for both commercial and residential users. With regular maintenance checks and diagnostics, our expert techs are here to answer any questions you may have about your exercise gear.

Exercise Bike Repair & Maintenance in Las Vegas, NV

The pictured screw was a source of concern for our Las Vegas customer. During a service call, our techs identified that a stationary bike was not working properly. The bolt worked its way so loose, and threads were stripped at the very end of the bolt, making it unusable. It could have snapped and potentially caused a safety issue, but fortunately our techs caught it in time to prevent serious threat.

On another job, our techs headed out on a visit to present our customer with a preventive maintenance agreement. It was identified that each of the customer’s fan bikes needed servicing, as all the bikes’ cranks were dry and dirty. We took care of the maintenance, carefully cleaning and greasing proper gears.

Treadmill Maintenance Services in Las Vegas, NV

During a this preventive maintenance check in Las Vegas, our techs discovered some damage on a couple treadmills. The “emergency-off” switches on two different machines were taped over and inoperative, thus overriding the safety feature of the switch. Fitness Machine Technicians alerted our customer of the safety hazard and recommended the owner implement repairs as soon as possible. After our diagnostics, the customer set up a preventive maintenance plan so that our techs can ensure all machines are functioning at the greatest capacity, minimizing safety hazards.

Call Us for Safety and Maintenance Checks

Whether you know the source of your problems, or you just want to confirm there aren’t any, Fitness Machine Technicians can help ease your worries surrounding your exercise equipment. Our preventive maintenance packages and machine moving services can keep users on-the-go. Contact us now through our request a tech form online.

Fitness Machine Technicians’ Las Vegas location is run by Dave and Bernadette Phelps and services the greater Las Vegas area including North Las Vegas and Henderson.

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