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Fitness Center Maintenance in Kansas City, MO

Some equipment issues seem simple enough to understand and fix, but when it comes to specialty exercise machines, you may be left scratching your head. Leave technical repairs to the experts at Fitness Machine Technicians. From treadmills to strength trainers, repairs to installations, our team of techs has the knowledge and expertise to solve any of your exercise machine issues. We also offer diagnostic tests and preventive maintenance to get and keep your machine in its best possible shape.

Treadmill Repair in Kansas City, MO

Treadmill repair in Kansas City, MOWe received a call to check out some strength machines at a training facility used by Kansas City, MO’s professional soccer team. Our Lead Service Technician Jon repaired a broken treadmill to keep the team training as scheduled. We were pleased to help our athletes prepare to get on the field and back to fighting for the win.

Commercial or Home Gym Upkeep is Key

Whether at home or in a commercial setting, Fitness Machine Technicians’ number one goal is to get and keep you moving safely. From maintenance and cleaning packages intended to save you from costly repairs down the line, to repair and replacement of parts, our techs can tackle any job you throw our way. Don’t hesitate to reach out via our online request form so that we may start addressing your needs now.

Fitness Machine Technicians’ Kansas City location is owned and operated by Brian Wertenberger and serves the greater Kansas City area, including the states of Kansas and Missouri and towns like Westwood and Wamego.

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