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In-House vs. Outsourced Exercise Equipment Repair: A Comparison

When it comes to your business, being streamlined makes all the difference in the world to your bottom line and your customers’ satisfaction. If you manage a gym, health club, or similar environment, you’re tasked with ensuring the functionality of sophisticated equipment that, if not working properly, can reflect poorly on your establishment. In this sense, having a repair professional come to the rescue is a necessity — but even then, you’re presented with a few ways to go about it: relying on someone in-house and outsourcing. Here, we’ll take a look at how turning to professionals can save you time, money, and frustration in the long run.

Cost and Downtime

While keeping maintenance and repairs in-house may initially seem like the more economical solution, it can end up costing you significantly more than partnering with third-party professionals. For instance, you may have to bear through extended downtime waiting on an employee to make the fix instead of relying on personnel to keep all regular roles fulfilled. Second, an employee who is not specially trained in exercise equipment repair may end up hitting a brick wall in terms of finding a solution that sticks — or worse yet, causing further damage. Also, keeping repairs in-house means you have to invest in tools and resources for making repairs that you otherwise wouldn’t have to if you outsourced.

Caliber of Service and Expertise

An in-house repair employee may do just enough to get exercise equipment up and running again without the attention to detail that may warrant cleaning, repairs, and replacement for a more effective long-term solution that extends the life of your equipment. When you outsource your exercise equipment needs, you can trust you’re partnering with professionals who know the machines inside and out and can make informed recommendations as far as maintenance, repairs, and even replacement goes.

Focus on Business Objectives

The less time you have to allocate to equipment repairs, the more time you can spend on matters that are important to your business — including everything from handling accounts, interacting with customers, and garnering new business. Company outreach and maintaining your brand need to be critical — and while pristine exercise equipment certainly contributes to those, that doesn’t mean your time isn’t better spent tending to other facets of them. In short, by outsourcing, you can focus on your specialty — and we can focus on ours!

Business operators have a lot on their plate — ensuring their exercise equipment is running optimally is a task best left to the specialists. For more information about our exercise equipment services — including everything from treadmill repair to elliptical repair — contact Fitness Machine Technicians today.

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