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Fitness Center Equipment Repair & Maintenance in Huntersville, NC

Your gym experience can make or break your day. We’ve all run into an “out of order” sign at one point or another, whether it was the vending machine or your favorite piece of exercise equipment. Whether your exercise machine is at home or at the gym, Fitness Machine Technicians’ team of dedicated and knowledgeable techs can get any issue resolved with their top notch diagnosis and repair skills. We’ll have that “out of order” sign in the garbage and your equipment running smoothly in no time! 

Fitness Center Equipment Maintenance & Part Replacement in Huntersville, NC

Our client, a fitness center in Huntersville, NC, reached out for needed repairs to multiple machines. On our visit, Fitness Machine Technicians checked out the following:

  • Matrix Elliptical
  • TuffStuff Strength Machine
  • Precor Treadmill

We replaced recommended parts and were sure to test all repaired units. The elliptical required new long and short wires; then, out techs installed a new cable on the strength machine. Finally, we replaced the treadmill’s belt, stop button and micro switch. Now all three machines are fully functional and the gym can return to accommodating more patrons.

Get Exercise Equipment Back in Working Order

Whether you’re looking to assemble a new fitness machine, relocate an existing one, repair a broken piece of equipment, or refurbish an older device, our team at Fitness Machine Technicians is here to help. No job is too big or too small, and no piece of equipment is too complicated for our expert staff. Our goal is to save you energy and money with our range of knowledge, including but not limited to weight racks and benches, stationary and spin bikes, ellipitcals, treadmills, and specialty strength equipment. Unsure if we can help get you back on track? Complete a request a tech form online to find out.

Fitness Machine Technicians’ North Charlotte location is run by Todd Armstrong and services towns in the North Charlotte region, including CharlotteUptown CharlotteCornelius, MooresvilleConcord, Davidson and Huntersville.

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