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How to Extend the Life of Your Gym’s Treadmills

Your gym’s equipment is an investment — and the more useful life your customers can get out of it, the more sound that investment becomes. Treadmills, in particular, need care and attention to hold their own against daily use — from those looking for light cardio to others training for a marathon.

When customers turn to your establishment to help achieve their fitness goals, you mustn’t leave them with subpar equipment that’s glory days are long behind them. However, purchasing new equipment to keep pace with the demand is an expensive endeavor. Regular treadmill maintenance can help you get the most out of your equipment investment and keep your gym’s members happy as well!

Regular Cleaning

The most basic form of treadmill maintenance, regular cleaning can go a long way in extending the life of your gym’s treadmills. Give the entire machine a wipe down, and you can eliminate dirt and debris before it becomes a problem with your equipment’s functionality. When these build up, they can eventually find their way into the motor and result in mechanical issues. While most treadmills are built to withstand liquids — think of errant splashes of water from bottles being picked up and placed down — it’s advisable to avoid using chemical detergents. These can degrade plastic and powder-coated surfaces over time, aging the equipment’s appearance.

In addition to cleaning the outside of treadmills, clean underneath their motor covers, as well. Dust, sweat, dirt, and other debris can clog up the motor unit, and if too much gets in, the motor can stop working altogether. To clean underneath the motor cover, remove the screws from the motor cover, and pull the power cord from the wall. Use a duster or vacuum cleaner to remove dirt; since the motor is electrical, you’ll definitely want to steer clear of liquid cleaners.

Belts Need to be Adjusted as Necessary

Over time, treadmill belts can migrate toward one side, causing it to wear unevenly. In the same way that your vehicle tires may need realignment, your treadmills’ belts need it too. Additionally, the treadmill has to have proper belt tension, which can be crucial for a smooth, steady running surface for joggers and runners. Adjusting rollers and tightening belt tension are more complicated and are best done by a fitness equipment repair professional. 

Lubricate Treadmill Belts

While it doesn’t need to be done too often, lubricating your treadmills’ belts lets them move smoothly around the rollers and deliver a better workout experience for gym-goers! If you want to lubricate them yourself, look in your Owner’s Manual for directions and if there are any specific lubricants that need to be used. Always make sure the machine is unplugged. Otherwise, you can wait for a professional to do it during a preventive maintenance visit. 

Rotate Your Treadmills Periodically

In most gyms, it’s not uncommon for a few treadmills to be more popular than others. Maybe some are closer to the entrance or other equipment; perhaps some are situated favorably around televisions or air vents. Whatever the reason, the end result is that the most used machines experience far more wear and tear than the others. That’s why it’s a good idea to rotate machines around and even out the usage. Rotating machines is a smart way to minimize the treadmill maintenance your gym needs overall.

Contact Us for Professional Treadmill Preventive Maintenance

Overseeing your fitness center has its own host of responsibilities; partner with professionals who can make your gym — and your working hours — better than ever! Our exercise equipment specialists have extensive experience in comprehensive treadmill services — including everything from repair to treadmill assembly service. With us, you’ll never need to worry about extending the lifespan of your treadmills or other fitness equipment; our team will have it covered! The frequency of preventive maintenance agreements depends on the degree of equipment usage at your facility. For more information, reach out to us today.

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