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Fitness Equipment Repair & Maintenance in Holly Springs, NC

Sometimes all it takes are a couple new parts and a thorough cleaning to make your fitness equipment feel like new again. Our techs at Fitness Machine Technicians can pinpoint why your machine isn’t performing properly and replace old parts so you can have that new machine feel without the accompanying new machine price tag.

Repairing an Elliptical in Holly Springs, NC

Holly Springs elliptical repair

Our Holly Springs, NC customer contacted us complaining of loud noises coming from the back of their Precor elliptical “where all the good stuff is.” They also noticed their machine was not providing resistance and felt like it was slipping when in use.

Upon inspection we found that some of the “good stuff” wasn’t so good anymore. When we opened the inside, we could clearly see the drive belt was laying broken on the bottom. While we were in there, the customer also wanted us to check the inner brake/resistance belt. As suspected, we found it was worn out from use.

For the repair, we replaced both belts with brand new parts and cleaned the unit inside and out. Our customer reached out a few days later and said it felt like new again!

Does Your Fitness Equipment Need New Parts?

If your machine hasn’t been performing its best, we’re here to help. We diagnose and fix treadmills, exercise bikes, strength equipment and more. We also have a preventative maintenance service that can catch problems before your machine becomes out of order. Request a tech online to get your equipment back in working condition today.

Fitness Machine Technicians’ Raleigh, NC location is run by Paul Dionne and services other neighboring towns like Holly Springs, Cary, MorrisvilleFayettevilleSmithfield, Clayton and Knightdale.

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