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Fitness Equipment Repair & Maintenance in Hilliard, OH

Physical exercise is important, and so are the machines you use to achieve your best work out. If heavily used equipment starts to slow or make strange noises, don’t wait to find out why. You could need a new part or a tune up to keep your Stairmaster or exercise bike for as long as you’d like. At Fitness Machine Technicians, we have the know how and dedication to maintain, clean and repair your valuable exercise equipment, down to the most technical diagnostics.

Gym Equipment Repair & Maintenance in Hilliard, OH

This job at Hilliard Weaver Middle School was extensive. We had to address issues including four treadmill walking belts, two treadmill motors, two spin bike maintenance services, and one spin bike crankshaft replacement. Check out the photos to see our techs in action.

These treadmill walking belts were tattered and worse for wear. It was definitely time for an update! Our tech removed the belts and got to work assessing further damage behind the covers.

The motors on two of four total treadmills needed replacements ASAP. We were able to find the best-fitting replacement parts to get them back in tip top shape. The finished result looks excellent in comparison! All the treadmills are back up and running smoothly for the users to enjoy.

Here our tech is taking care of the spin bikes. He performed cleaning maintenance services, and discovered one of the bikes needed a new crankshaft. As you can see, there are many complicated moving parts to disassemble and reassemble before the final result—good as new!

Don’t Let “Out of Order” Signs Hold You Back

You’ve invested enough time and money in your exercise equipment; no need to let it sit idle any longer! Our techs are at the ready to come and solve your fitness machine dilemmas, whether in a residential or commercial setting. Don’t wait to reach out through our request a tech form to find a solution today.

Fitness Machine Technicians’ Columbus and Dayton locations are run by Greg and Cynthia Dove and serve the Central Ohio area including Columbus and Hilliard.

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