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FMT Chicago & FMT Eastern Wisconsin Team Up for a Hotel Gym Installation

Getting gym equipment up and running is no small feat. With heavy machines and complex parts, assembling commercial fitness equipment is typically not a one-person job. That’s why our technicians work as a team to assemble the bigger machines that could cause injury or malfunctions if a customer attempted it on their own.

On a recent job in Stoughton, WI, our Chicago franchise teamed up with our newly opened Eastern Wisconsin franchise to help a local hotel gym get their new weight rack assembled and ready for guests. With the combined help of both franchises, our techs were able to get this GymRax weight rack assembled in no time.

We love seeing our franchises working together and helping each other out on these more complex commercial jobs, especially when one is just starting out and still learning the ropes.

Not Sure How to Assemble Your New Fitness Machine? Our Techs Can Help

Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast that needs your new at-home treadmill assembled or you’re a gym owner adding new equipment to your establishment, Fitness Machine Technicians has you covered. We offer both residential and commercial assembly and installation for all your fitness equipment needs. Fill out our request a tech form to learn more and get connected with a franchise near you!

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