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Fitness Equipment Repair & Maintenance in Ballantyne, NC

You will tune-up your car and piano, or regularly get check-ups from the doctor and dentist; what holds you back from maintaining your fitness equipment? Just like anything else, exercise machines require upkeep to retain functionality, as well as safety features. Regularly servicing your equipment, like a treadmill or weight bench, can help you ensure it is working at maximum efficiency for years to come.

Elliptical Repair in Ballantyne, NC

Our staff recently received a call from a customer in Ballantyne, NC. A plug on their elliptical was damaged, which isn’t only inconvenient—the issue could be dangerous! A broken cable could cause electrocution if not properly repaired. Luckily, they called our expert team who took care of everything ASAP. Our tech went out to address the issue and was able to replace the wire receptacle so that the machine could be safely plugged-in. Everything on the elliptical is back in well-working condition, and we were able to help another satisfied customer.

Plugs, Padding, Pedals and Beyond

A broken piece of fitness equipment can be frustrating enough. Don’t risk injury to yourself or others! At Fitness Machine Technicians, we specialize in a variety of equipment, and our knowledgeable staff have the know-how to fix a slew of damage. Don’t hesitate to start the repair process, or stay on top of prevention with one of our maintenance packages. Begin now by filling out our online form, and we’ll get in touch.

Fitness Machine Technicians’ South Charlotte, NC location is run by Colin Winchester and Eric Wright, and services area towns like MontibelloCamron Wood, Foxcroft, PinevilleIndian TrailBallantyne and Olde Providence North.

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