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Exercise Equipment Repair & Maintenance in Las Vegas, NV

Similar to any major machinery, especially technology used regularly (a car, for instance) your exercise equipment could have unseen yet needed repairs. Incidents can sneak up on users, like creaky handles or popped chains. Don’t let your exercise equipment reach the point of disrepair! Let our expert techs at Fitness Machine Technicians take on the task of cleaning, maintaining and diagnosing your equipment, to save you time, money, and a huge headache of needing to replace your machine.

Exercise Bike Maintenance in Las Vegas, NV

Exercise bike maintenance in Las Vegas, NVOur techs in Las Vegas, NV headed out on a site visit to present our customer with a preventative maintenance agreement. It was identified that each of the customer’s fan bikes needed servicing, as all the bikes’ cranks were dry and dirty. We took care of the maintenance, carefully cleaning and greasing proper gears. At the time, our customer had routine preventative maintenance visits performed by another provider, but now Fitness Machine Technicians is their preferred provider.

Don’t Wait to Get Your Equipment Back On Track

Many damages can be prevented with regular maintenance plans. At Fitness Machine Technicians, it’s our ultimate goal to keep your equipment in the best shape possible and to save you time and money. We’ve got dedicated techs—experts on a variety of machines and equipment—that are ready to help you. Don’t hesitate to reach out by filling out our online request form so we can keep you on the move.

Fitness Machine Technicians’ Las Vegas, NV location is run by Dave & Bernadette Phelps and services the greater Las Vegas and Henderson area.

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