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Fitness Equipment Repair & Maintenance in Essexville, MI

Have you caught yourself worrying about a piece of fitness equipment in your home or commercial gym? Don’t ignore that clanking noise or shifting part plaguing your elliptical, spin bike, or the like—you could save time and effort by addressing your concerns as soon as you notice them. Fitness Machine Technicians’ expert team can help with diagnosis, repair, replacement, assembly, disassembly and more, to assuage your fears. Our number one priority is to retain your equipment’s tip-top shape, to keep users safe and happy.

Treadmill Repair in Essexville, MI

Treadmill repair in Essexville, MIWe were contacted by a customer in Essexville, MI, to come out and take a look at their treadmill. The drive belt was loose and didn’t quite lay the same as it did upon purchase. The owner had mentioned the belt seemed “off-kilter,” and upon our tech’s investigation, a broken bolt was found to be causing the issue.

Fitness Machine Technicians was able to order the proper-fitting replacement bolt and repair the issue, so that the belt laid straight and flat once again. Since the homeowner addressed the issue in such a timely manner, no other damage needed repairs, which saved them a lot of money and hassle in the long run.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late to Repair

A “better safe than sorry” attitude can save you money, time and injury when it comes to exercise machines. Our staff at Fitness Machine Technicians are trained in a large variety of specialty exercise equipment, ranging from weight racks and benches to strength training machines (and then some), in both home and commercial settings. Whatever your need, reach out to get the ball rolling by filling out our online request a tech form today.

Fitness Machine Technicians’ Mid Michigan location, run by Tom Fryzel, services the greater Mid Michigan area including cities like Essexville, Freeland, Lansing, Fenton and Bay City.

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