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Fitness Equipment Repair & Maintenance in Elkhorn, NE

Assembling and disassembling fitness equipment can be a complex job. Typically, the bigger the machine, the more parts there are and the more things can go wrong. Whether you’re relocating to a different home or gym, or you’re just looking to move your equipment to a different part of your space, leave it to the pros to complete the task properly without anyone getting hurt.

Gym Equipment Reupholstery & Disassembly in Elkhorn, NE

We recently completed a reupholstery and disassembly job for a customer in Elkhorn, NE. They had two machines that needed to be worked on: a strength trainer and old squat rack.

For our customer’s strength trainer, our tech removed the necessary parts to get to the bench upholstery so they could get to work on reviving it. Check out their process:

Their old squat rack needed to be taken apart so it could be relocated. Luckily, our tech knew just what to do to make sure all parts were disassembled properly and safely.

Your Fitness Equipment Experts

Our technicians do it all—from repair and maintenance to assembly and disassembly. We work with most major equipment manufactures and offer services to both residential and commercial customers. If your gym equipment is in need of service, get in touch with a tech today!

Fitness Machine Technicians Omaha & Lincoln is run by Alex Pearson and services the Eastern Nebraska area, including OmahaGretnaColumbusPlattsmouth, La Vista, Lincoln, Papillion and Elkhorn.

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