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Fitness Machine Repair & Maintenance in Durham, NC

Acquiring help for fitness equipment repair in a commercial setting can feel like a nightmare when multiple machines start breaking at once. The best way to combat this potential problem is to invest in preventive maintenance. Fitness Machine Technicians offers preventive maintenance to both commercial and residential clients to help keep their equipment running safely and properly.

Gym Maintenance & Repair in Durham, NC

We recently completed a job for Hillside High School in Durham, NC who was looking for routine maintenance on their gym equipment.

When we first arrived we began our process for preventive maintenance on all units. This process included lubing all guide rods, belts, and pop pins. We realigned all belts and replaced any missing hardware. We inspected cables, pulleys, and upholstery. To conclude our maintenance check we tested the drive belts and all link arms. During this process, we recommended some repairs to the treadmills and stationary bike in order to ensure safety.

During our second follow up visit, we repaired two Cybex treadmills, a Cybex bike, and a functional trainer. We installed new treadmill walking belts, a new seat on the bike, and a new guide rod for the function trainer. We then assembled a BodyCraft unit and tested all units upon departure. We were able to leave Hillside High School with full confidence in their fully functional and improved gym.

Our Fitness Repair Technicians Are One Call Away

Fitness Machine Technician’s specializes in exercise equipment assembly, disassembly, diagnosis, repairs, and routine maintenance. We have expertise in a wide range of equipment, including weight racks, benches, cardio machines, and more.

If you’re experiencing difficulties with your fitness machine, reach out today through our request a tech form. Fitness Machine Technicians’ Greensboro & Durham location is run by Todd Armstrong and services many area towns, including Durham, Chapel Hill and Winston-Salem.

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