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Fitness Equipment Repair & Maintenance in Downtown Atlanta, GA

Is your exercise equipment making odd noises, shaking or making you feel like it’s about to fall apart? Don’t take any chances trying to fix an unknown issue yourself. Our techs at Fitness Machine Technicians are ready to come out, diagnose your machine’s problem and offer a straightforward solution.

Treadmill Repair in Downtown Atlanta

Atlanta/North Fulton treadmill repair

A customer in Atlanta called us extremely frustrated that another repair company had been to his home seven times trying to fix his treadmill. The customer explained that he uses the treadmill twice daily, 10 miles each time, and runs 8.5 mph. Though his treadmill was only 8 months old, it started shaking around 6 mph and was extremely loud, causing him to feel unsafe.

We did a diagnostic check on the treadmill and noticed the motor was significantly over-tightened and incorrectly aligned causing the flywheel to wobble excessively, even at low speeds. We got in touch with the manufacturer, and they immediately sent a new motor. We installed it to specifications the day we received it and got our customer running smoothly at high speeds in no time.

We checked back with them a couple days later and found they were very satisfied with their experience!

Strength Equipment Repair in Downtown Atlanta

First impressions are important! A Downtown Atlanta apartment complex’s gym had a fitness machine in good shape other than the heavily-used padded seat. It sure needed some TLC. As the structure of the bench was solid, our techs simply had to replace the pads. Once securely installed, the bench looks ages newer—no cracks or duct tape here.

Imagine the impression from residents now!

Get Your Exercise Equipment Up to Speed

Whether you need a repair, new part or routine maintenance check, we’re here to help. We repair all kinds of equipment—treadmills, ellipticals, exercise bikes, strength trainers and more—and offer our services to residential and commercial customers. Just fill out our request a tech form online to get the process started.

Fitness Machine Technicians’ Atlanta/North Fulton location is run by Ed Bauer and services Downtown Atlanta and the surrounding areas including Buckhead Atlanta, Sandy Springs and Alpharetta.

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