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Fitness Equipment Repair & Maintenance in Davidson, NC

Treadmill repair in Davidson, NCIt may be difficult to pinpoint the exact source of a technical issue. When you take your car to the mechanic, you may try to imitate noises or movements to describe your problem. Assessing exercise equipment should work the same way—let the experts take your machines for a test drive, but instead of taking it to the shop, let them come to you! The team of professionals at Fitness Machine Technicians have the expertise to diagnose and resolve gym equipment errors and breakages, to get your valuable treadmill, elliptical, spin bike and more back on course for years to come.

Treadmill Repair & Parts Replacement in Davidson, NC

Our customer in Davidson, NC wasn’t sure how to proceed with their Life Fitness L3 treadmill, but they knew it needed repairs as it ceased to work. Our techs headed out to help get it going again, and after diagnosis, found it needed a part replacement.

They replaced the lower board, waxed the treadmill belt and tested unit with the customer, verifying that all repairs were completed to their expectations. Both customer and tech were pleased with the results, and we were glad to be of service for another happy client.

Fitness Center Repair & Maintenance in Davidson, NC

We went out on two visits to another client in Davidson, NC, first to run diagnostics and then returning back for repairs. The country club was experiencing some issues with a few of their fitness center’s machines. On the diagnostic visit, our techs established the following:

  • One of the moving pieces near the base of an elliptical machine, a Cybex Arc Trainer, was broken and required replacement of a broken link arm.
  • The seated Cybex Leg Curl machine was in need of hardware replacement for a broken bolt.
  • One of the treadmills was showing an error code; the tech diagnosed the Cybex 625 Treadmill with an “Error 93 (overload).” The unit reached 22,600 miles, and the running belt life usually only makes it to 15,000 miles before needing replacement. Our tech verified the unit on the dedicated outlet and determined per manufacture recommendation that replacement of the run belt would solve the issue.

When we returned for our repair visit, we installed hardware for the leg curl, a link arm for the arc trainer and a new running belt for the treadmill. We also tested and cleaned units, addressed hardware issues on the elliptical, and torqued/tensioned the hardware and belt on the treadmill. We were glad we were able to get all replacement parts ordered immediately and replacements performed in a timely manner, so the fitness center continued to stay up and running!

Diagnosis & Preventive Maintenance Go a Long Way

A happy customer is what drives us to keep up our excellent work. Our techs stop at nothing to verify that your equipment is safe and running at its maximum potential, using only the highest quality replacement parts. We are happy to discuss your options for repair or replacement, and also offer cleaning and maintenance packages to avoid getting to that point. The best way to avoid costly repairs or part replacements is filling out our request a tech form online so someone can start addressing your needs now.

Fitness Machine Technicians’ North Charlotte location is run by Todd Armstrong and services towns in the North Charlotte region, including Downtown CharlotteUptown CharlotteCorneliusHuntersville, Mooresville, Concord, Salisbury, and Davidson.

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