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Fitness Equipment Repair & Maintenance in Covington, GA

Most people are sure to get their car inspected regularly or check their smoke detectors for the purpose of preventing disaster. If you use your fitness equipment regularly, you should see to it that you perform preventive maintenance on your exercise machines as well. Luckily, the our team is here to provide regular maintenance checks and preventive plans to avoid any issues that can occur from time and use of treadmills, ellipticals, strength training equipment and more.

Gym Equipment Maintenance & Repair in Covington, GA

At Fitness Machine Technicians, we’re committed to assisting local fitness centers with preventive maintenance visits and quickly addressing any needed repairs. On a recent trip to one of our regular exercise center clients in Covington, we installed the following:

  • 2 treadmill drive belts
  • 2 treadmill walking belts
  • treadmill power cord and power switch
  • 2 stationary bike belts
  • upright bike battery
  • spin bike axel, bearing and pedal set
  • elliptical pedal kit
  • cross cable machine cable

Our expert techs couldn’t be happier to help update our loyal customers’ equipment with the hopes of preventing expensive repairs in the future. Keeping exercise equipment as close to new as possible fuels our team to continue our high-quality workmanship.

Avoid the Need for “Out of Order” Signs

It may not be in the forefront of your mind, but regular maintenance of your costly fitness equipment, like weight benches, strength trainers and the like, is crucial to saving you time, money and stress. Don’t sweat it! Our team at Fitness Machine Technicians is at the ready to keep you on the move, no matter what your need. We highly recommend regular cleaning and preventive maintenance packages to ensure your machines continue to run for years to come. Start by reaching out, obligation free, with our request a tech form online and someone will be in touch.

Fitness Machine Technicians’ Northwest, Northeast and South Atlanta locations are run by Robert Scott and serve towns including MariettaFairburn and Covington.

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