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Fitness Equipment Repair & Maintenance in Cornelius, NC

There’s no need to stress a move any more than necessary. Thinking about daunting, bulky exercise equipment that needs to be moved can be overwhelming. Let Fitness Machine Technicians take on the job! Our professional techs will disassemble your treadmills, weight benches and more with care, ensuring all parts are stored properly for the moving truck. We can also perform reassembly once in your new location.

Fitness Equipment Assembly in Cornelius, NC

Fitness equipment assembly in Cornelius, NCThis photo was taken of a completed assembly that we executed on the Cornelius Peninsula. Our techs were called out to put together an Inspire FTX Functional Trainer. Our customer worked alongside our techs to move pieces of his equipment down a grass hill to his basement using a hand truck dolly, where it was assembled and positioned. Each function was tested before the technicians headed out, and we had another pleased customer on the books.

Full Service Accommodation for Any Fitness Equipment Need

Do you require help with set up, disassembly for a move, machine cleaning, or repairs? With ongoing service maintenance contracts, diagnostic services and more, our team of techs have the ability to address any issue on any fitness machine you might own (or plan to own!). Fill out our request a tech form online and let us know what we can do for you.

Fitness Machine Technicians’ North Charlotte location is run by Todd Armstrong and services towns in the North Charlotte region like Charlotte, Uptown Charlotte, ConcordMooresville, Huntersville, Davidson and Cornelius.

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